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Whistler Bungee Bridge

Scary Bridges · Honorable Mention 3

Type: Steel Truss
Number of spans: 2
Reason for listing: While quite safe, the activities conducted on (and under) the bridge are likely to be considered more than a little frightening by the average person.

Guy jumping off bridge

The Whistler Bungee Bridge is located on the Cheakamus River, which is in south west British Columbia. The Cheakamus, despite being a mere 70km long and having an elevation of 18m, has a rather large gorge. Where there is a large gorge there is a need for a bridge. And where there is a bridge there is a need for bungee jumping.[citation needed]

View of the Cheakamus River

There are several bridges across the Cheakamus. The bungee bridge is a fairly straight forward steel truss with two spans, and a wide spot with a gazebo to provide for bungee jumping.

Side view of Whistler bungee Bridge

The bridge connects with several hiking trails and provides hikers with a good place cross the river. Those with the time, interest, and money should contact Whistler Bungee to book ahead of time. And remember: you have to pay ahead of time just in case you loose your wallet.

Actually, the cost of the jump ($80 - $130 CAD) qualifies as scary all on its own. Of course, jumping with a low budget outfit would be even more scary, especially considering the cost of keeping all the equipment in good shape and insuring properly trained employees. Oh, and if you were wondering, the company lists a perfect safety record.

View across Whistler bungee bridge

The gazebo provides some shelter for the operators and those waiting in line. They also have a hoist to lift the jumpers back up. Much better than having to hang there until a raft passes by and then attempting to hitch a ride. There is also a hut for spectators on the canyon wall. Though this probably isn't the warmest shelter for those jumping in the middle of a winter blizzards - so bring warm cloths!

Gazebo on the bridge

At least on warm summer weekends, there are plenty of people jumping.

Another bungee jumper

A search around the area did not reveal any truly scary bridges. This was about as close as the others got, and it is quite good given its use as a low traffic foot bridge.

Photo of nearby suspension bridge.

This bridge has a tree growing out of it. Should this tree survive it could result in a scary bridge. But odds are that it will die on its own. And if it doesn't, someone will probably weed it. Life is tough when you are a sapling.

Sapling growing out of bridge

So, for those looking for a good scare, this is probably the best bridge in the area. For everybody else it is a beatuiful place to hike.

View of Whistler bungee bridge

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