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Most Scenic Clamping U-Bolt of the Year

Dates are based on date of the author's visit, not posting date nor the u-bolt installation date.

2014: Tahoma Narrows Suspension Bridge

20th u-bolt from the east tower, north side.

Most Scenic Clamping U-Bolt of the Year, 2014

The Tahoma Narrows Suspension Bridge, located in Mt Rainier National Park, provides for a very scenic clamping u-bolt. The bridge itself did not meet this site's very low standards for a full posting, but it did merit an honorable mention.

Tahoma suspension bridge, Mt Rainier NP

2013: North Fork Skokomish Bridge

10th u-bolt from the south-west, on the north-west side.

Most Scenic Clamping U-Bolt of the Year, 2013

The bridge itself is a high-quality foot bridge in far too good of a condition to be listed on this site.

On the bridge looking west south.

The scenery is good, if not as good as the 2014 most scenic clamping u-bolt.

On the bridge looking south.

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